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HP ePrint for Software and Drivers

HP ePrint for Software and Drivers

HP ePrint is a term utilized by Hewlett-Packard to explain a variety of printing modern technologies established for (mobile) computing devices, such as mobile phones, tablet computer systems, and also laptop computers.

HP ePrint

Several HP ePrint modern technologies make use of cloud sources to give mobile printing capabilities for specific HP ePrint-enabled printers as well as MFPs and for other printers using applications that supply network printing. The HP ePrint profile of mobile printing remedies consists of the following:

HP ePrint by means of Email

HP ePrint by means of Email is a function of most HP printers as well as MFPs that makes it possible for printing records attached to email messages sent to the gadget. The HP ePrint-capable printer or MFP should be registered to an HP ePrint cloud service called HP ePrint Center, which designates a unique e-mail address to the printer or MFP. The appointed email address is adjustable but by default is randomly readied to advertise safety because only those that know the e-mail address can utilize it to publish.

HP ePrint by means of Email

HP ePrint through Email does not require a print motorist set up on the client. The HP ePrint public cloud provides the printing information from each separate attachment right into an ideal print data stream, such as PCL3, PCL 5, or PostScript, as well as, consequently, sends it to the HP ePrint enabled printer. For this to function, the accessories for printing have to remain in a native plain format, such as any one of the following:

1. MS Word file
2. MS PowerPoint presentation
3. MS Overview document
4. Photo data (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF).
5. Adobe Acrobat file (PDFs).
6. The text file and also Abundant Text Format (RTF).
7. HTML documents.

Any type of email-capable customer, consisting of a smart device, a tablet computer system, a laptop computer, or any other email client, can send print jobs to HP ePrint by means of Email. Anything that can send an email can publish. Registered customers can also log right into HP ePrint Center to manage and view their print work, their printers, and also their settings. For example, HP ePrint Facility provides choices to create lists of customers approved to print, and also it consists of spam filters to stop unwanted print requests.

Users can also alter the email address of the HP ePrint-enabled printer or MFP by requesting a brand-new one (each HP ePrint email address need to be distinct and also, hence, must be accepted). Number 1 demonstrates how information moves from the e-mail client to the HP ePrint public cloud server (HP ePrint Center) for providing into an acceptable print stream format and after that forwarded to the HP ePrint made it possible for printer or MFP.

HP ePrint Public Print Locations

HP ePrint Public Print Locations is a mobile printing service that publishes from the cloud using one of the HP ePrint mobile phone apps. HP ePrint Public Publish Locations is suggested for people who use printers while traveling. It also makes it possible for an organization or a public facility to charge for printing. For instance, a business person getting ready for a discussion can publish handouts at a destination resort for a charge instead of carrying them as they travel, or a traveler can print a boarding pass at a resort to conserve waiting in line at the airport.

HP ePrint Public Print Locations

The HP ePrint apps are free and include versions for Apple iPhones and Android tools. Users can locate it at the iTunes App Store or Google Play. It is also offered for Blackberry mobile phones from BlackBerry App World. The HP ePrint apps checklists various signed up HP ePrint public printers at areas, such as hotels, flight terminals, and print shops.

When an individual submits a print work to HP ePrint Public Publish Places, the solution returns a notification email message with a consent code that is needed for printing at the gadget. This permission code stops undesirable printing as well as depending upon business version enables the proprietor of the printer to charge for printing prior to the papers are published.

The HP ePrint Service application utilizes GPS works with to situate and also map HP ePrint public printers close by. The individual can use smartphone navigation functions for directions to the location of the HP ePrint Public Print Place.

HP ePrint Public Print Places sustains the adhering to documents styles for printing:

1. Microsoft Office (‘ 95-2010) Word, Excel, PowerPoint
2. Microsoft Visio
3. OpenOffice.org (2. X/3. X).
4. StarOffice (StarWriter, StarCalc, StarChart, StarDraw, StarImpress).
6. Adobe Acrobat (PDF).
7. Text and also Rich Text Format.
8. Picture data (PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF).

The HP ePrint Public Print Places solution keeps a data source of public print suppliers. Each supplier, upon obtaining a print request, makes the print information as necessary and also sends out the print data stream (PCL or Postscript) to a location print line. To recover the print work, the user goes to the printer location booth and kinds the authorization code to release and also print the print job.

HP ePrint Enterprise

HP ePrint Business is a personal cloud printing service for usage in large networks, such as those in SMB, big firms, or scholastic atmospheres where IT divisions can manage exclusive cloud services. It supplies a mobile printing alternative for individuals, such as mobile employees, who take a trip from workplace to office as well as require printing at remote areas. HP ePrint Business likewise sustains direct email printing from a corporate e-mail solution to HP as well as non-HP printers and also MFPs.

HP ePrint Enterprise

The HP ePrint Venture (solution) application makes it possible for customers to submit print work to private firm printers or to public print areas. The individual has to be registered with the company’s HP ePrint Venture webserver to view the firm’s private printers in the HP ePrint Enterprise (solution) app.

The HP ePrint Business web server is an ASP.NET application that is sustained on Windows Server 2003/2008. It can send out print jobs to any network-connected printer efficient in PS, PCL5, or PC3-GUI language support. The complying with are system requirements for the HP ePrint Venture server application:

HP ePrint Enterprise android

1. Windows Web server 2003 or 2008 R2 (32 or 64 little bit).
2. Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).
3. Microsoft SMTP web server.
4. Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ).
5. Microsoft Office (full setup).
6. Microsoft Windows Installer.
Workplace Main Interop Assemblies (PIA).
7. Microsoft.NET Structure (3.5 ).
8. Microsoft SQL Web Server 2008 (or Express).

The method of sending out information to the printer or MFP depends upon the type of smartphone in operation (i.e. Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry). Android and iOS mobile phones utilize a straight link to the HP ePrint Business server. BlackBerry tools access the HP ePrint Enterprise network resources indirectly using the BlackBerry Enterprise Web Server (BES); as a result of the indirect communication between the Blackberry device and the HP ePrint Venture server, the BlackBerry service is taken into consideration more safe and secure: [by whom?] print data never takes a trip beyond the private network, and also the channels that transfer print data can be safeguarded and secured. [citation needed]

HP ePrint Enterprise is scalable to adapt to varying workloads. It can run in a master/slave configuration where the slave server handles the primary workload while the master web server takes care of back-up as well as redundancy. The master server dispatches print tasks to suitable slave servers. As the work raises, extra servant web servers can be released. A large geographically spread company can have the master server as the primary point of communication at corporate headquarters and servant web servers at regional websites. This integrity and also scalability functions are vital for successful cloud computing styles.

HP ePrint Enterprise supports the following plain data file formats for printing:

1. MS Word (2007) document.
2. MS PowerPoint presentation.
3. MS Expectation.
4. Photo data (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF).
5. Adobe Acrobat files (PDF).
6. The text file and Rich Text Layout (RTF).
7. HTML data.

The HP ePrint Enterprise server accepts print jobs using 2 main procedures: HTTP/https and also SMTP. When the HP ePrint Venture personal cloud printing solution approves a print task message, it transforms the print task right into an appropriate printer language (PCL or Postscript) using an internal rendering process and submits it to the printer or MFP via TCP port 9100. HP ePrint Venture server can process multiple print tasks simultaneously by utilizing a message queue solution with the capability to track the progress of each private print work.

HP ePrint Business web server has an Online administration console, which any type of licensed individual can access utilizing a Web web browser. This console gives settings for adding and taking care of individuals and print devices, configuring server settings, executing simple diagnostics, and monitoring events.

HP ePrint Enterprise can be set up for visitor individual access. This allows individuals outside the company from another location to publish to company devices. Visitor individuals are admitted for thirty days by default. A manager can transform the access duration to whenever worth and or revoke accessibility at any time.

HP ePrint Venture administrators can restrict printing access to company tools by a user (guest or routine) as needed.

HP ePrint Wireless Direct Printing

HP ePrint Wireless Direct Printing is a function of some HP printers and also MFPs that links straight to mobile devices for printing. It needs a smartphone to have a suitable application that can print:

1. Apple AirPrint (basic on iOS variation 4.2 or later on).
2. HP ePrint.
3. any other application that can send out a print task.
An HP printer or MFP that has the HP ePrint Wireless Direct Printing function acts as a wireless access point where the mobile phone links as though it were on any cordless network. When the device is attached, the user can print from any type of application that has printing options.

iPhone (4.2 or later on) includes Apple Airprint, as well as can publish making use of HP ePrint Wireless Direct Printing once the mobile phone is connected to the printing device wireless access point. Android and other platforms can connect to an HP ePrint Wireless Direct printing gadget but can publish only with sustained applications, such as HP ePrint.

Apple AirPrint

Apple AirPrint is a mobile print subsystem included with iOS 4.2 and later (for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) that can find available printers and send them print jobs. Apple Inc. and HP collaborated to develop Apple AirPrint to enable iOS devices to print to many HP printers, but, since its introduction, many other printer manufacturers are producing compatible printers. HP considers Apple AirPrint as part of the HP ePrint portfolio of mobile printing solutions.

Apple AirPrint creates a PDF internally, an HP filter (pdf to PCL) renders the PDF into PCL data that the printer can process, and the printer prints it. Apple AirPrint begins when the user selects the Action button and chooses the Print option. Apple AirPrint searches the network for available printers using the DNS network protocol. It filters the list of printers it finds and then displays only the compatible printers. All HP ePrint printers and MFPs are Apple AirPrint compatible.

HP ePrint Mobile apps

HP ePrint consists of 3 mobile printing applications:

1. HP ePrint (Android, iOS, and BlackBerry).
2. HP ePrint Enterprise (solution) (Android, iPhone and also Blackberry).
3. HP Designjet ePrint and Share.
These applications provide features necessary for printing from Android, iOS and also Blackberry devices.

HP ePrint Mobile apps

HP is combining the attributes of a number of mobile printing apps to streamline the mobile printing experience for HP ePrint Wireless Direct Printing, HP ePrint Public Printing Locations, as well as HP ePrint Venture. HP ePrint via Email does not call for a printing application, however, HP ePrint Mobile applications work to set up settings as well as to organize e-mail addresses as well as HP ePrint printers.

HP ePrint supplies printing capacities for HP ePrint printers and MFPs, computer network (LAN) printers, as well as HP ePrint Public Printing locations.

HP ePrint Business (service) provides abilities to make use of HP ePrint Public Printing Locations, HP ePrint Business and also print straight from Dropbox, Facebook, as well as Box.

HP Designjet ePrint and Share supplies cloud printing capabilities for HP Designjet printers. It also provides a method to share and also preview print work before publishing to minimize costly evidence.

HP ePrint Software

HP ePrint Software (formerly HP ePrint Mobile Print Driver) is a mobile print driver for Windows or Macintosh computers that supports cloud printing, HP ePrint Wireless Direct printing, local area network (LAN) direct printing from any application to any HP printer and HP ePrint Public Printing Locations. It provides mobile printing features including searching for and connecting to compatible printers, duplex printing, and multiple pages per sheet. It also can print directly to network-connected HP Postscript printing devices. It is the HP mobile print app for PCs.

Link Download:
Download HP ePrint Software for Network and Wireless Connected Printers

HP ePrint Software makes it easy to print from a desktop or laptop PC to any HP ePrinter. You can easily print your digital content wirelessly to supported HP printers on a local wireless network (Wi-Fi), HP printer enabled Wireless or WiFi Direct, or over the wired LAN. Additionally, you can print to your HP ePrint-enabled printer via the cloud at home, the office, or on-the-go, whenever the printer is connected to the Internet. You can even print to thousands of HP ePrint Public Print Locations worldwide

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